Professional Organizers and Their Mothers

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No tips or thoughts about organizing this month. Instead, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I am honoring my mother, Eva Amalia (1926-1994), by sharing memories of how she indirectly influenced my decision to become a professional organizer. Additionally, fellow professional … Continued

9 Tips for Spring Organizing

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  The arrival of spring signals the start of spring-cleaning, a tradition that goes back centuries. As important as cleaning is, it is more effective if you start with spring-organizing. After all, you can’t get much cleaning done if your … Continued

Organizing Your Budget for Tax Season

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I love diving into clutter and transforming my clients’ spaces.  However, one job I don’t do is organizing budgets. Fortunately, for those budget-impaired clients, there is a profession that focuses on helping them organize and manage their budgets. Ed Jackson … Continued

The Clutter Tsunami

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Interesting article by Professional Organizer, Judith Kolberg, which appeared in her February 2016 newsletter, “Organizing News You Can Use.” I recently joined two organizing-industry committees that study organizing trends, and I’ve detected a clutter tsunami coming our way. Aging, first-tier … Continued

More on Love and Organizing

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Remember the “Odd Couple?” Well, here’s a great article about how to organize if there is a Felix and an Oscar in the house! Real Simple brings together a professional organizer, a relationship counselor and a professor of psychology to help this … Continued

Love and Organizing

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February is the month of love — cards, flowers, and candy abound. However, you may not always feel the love if your significant other is disorganized. Here are some suggestions to help make life at home less stressful. • Set … Continued

Goal Setting Strategies

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In my January 2015 blog I wrote about how to turn New Year’s resolutions into goals. I recently came across an interview from Smead featuring Lisa Montanaro, Certified Professional Organizer and Coach. In this interview Lisa gives an excellent breakdown … Continued