Teens and Their Rooms

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Organizing a teen’s room can be a touchy subject. For 12 years the parents have been the ones to decide where to put the child’s belongings and how often to clean the room. However, as the child grows older he … Continued

Where to Begin?

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“I have a room full of stuff that needs to be organized. But, every time I look at how much there is, I close the door and leave.” Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it is just easier to ignore the … Continued

What to do with an old flag

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June 14 was Flag Day. If you have an American flag you no longer want, you can dispose of it two ways. If the flag is in good condition, you can donate it to a local VA cemetery where it … Continued


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As National Photo Month comes to an end, remember to download your pictures to your computer on a regular basis. Create a folder with the theme of the pictures and the date. Delete blurred pictures and keep the nicest ones. … Continued

Organizing for Your Health

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June 2015 Did you know that June is “Professional Wellness Month”? You might be wondering, “What does wellness have to do with organizing?” Plenty! I can’t tell you how often I hear my clients tell me how much better they … Continued

Happy National Photo Month!

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My camera got quite a workout these past two weekends. The first weekend my children and I went away to Lancaster, PA to celebrate my birthday. This past Saturday my daughter graduated from university. Then, on Sunday I celebrated Mother’s … Continued

Happy RIM Month!

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Did you know that April is “Records and Information Management Month (RIMM)?” — What a coincidence that it should fall on the same month when we are filing our tax returns. Or, at least, filing for an extension. — RIMM … Continued

When love won’t do

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February is the month of love — cards, flowers, and candy abound. However, you may not always feel the love if your significant other is disorganized. Here are some suggestions to help make life at home less stressful. • Set … Continued