Ms. Balderas is a fantastic organizer. She took what I viewed as an impossibly chaotic situation and helped me transform it into a calm and pleasant space. She not only organizes but sets up crucial systems to maintain the organization and to easily access important files and items. I would recommend her highly if you are committed to getting organized!

S.S. Silver Spring, MD

Saying Silvia is a mastermind of de-cluttering is truly an understatement!  From the moment I hired Silvia, I was so impressed with her big-picture vision and recommendations on how to best approach our de-cluttering conundrum at our office.  In just a few visits, Silvia’s methodical approach literally transformed our crowded and disorganized storage areas into a work of art.  I cannot say enough good things about Silvia’s professionalism, punctuality, and of course, end result.  I would hire Your Life Simplified, whether at home or for your business, again in a heartbeat!

Patty Mascari, Home Instead, Silver Spring, MD

“Silvia is warm, dynamic, calm, discreet and talented; all things one wants in an Organizer. I am a true believer in working with an expert to get jobs done and done correctly and efficiently. Silvia came into my life to help me organize “around my husband.” Those are my quotes. My husband was unable to part with anything and I was losing ground after 30+ years.

Silvia taught me “you cannot organize anyone else” and so I knew to stop nagging and hoping he’d change. Silvia and I were able to present a positive, easy going approach to decluttering and after a couple of visits, he joined in. It was a revelation to me when I would say Silvia’s coming this weekend and he’d start tossing AAA travel guides from the 90′s!

Sadly, my husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the organizing had to stop. Silvia offered more than just sympathy and was instrumental in our getting to a hotel during a summer power outage. She is very good at cutting through to the heart of the matter and sharing that information, but never in a pushy way. That is what my husband liked about Silvia, he never felt he had to apologize or explain to her, she was accepting of his decisions.

Silvia and I resumed working together after my husband passed. It was a relief to me to be working with someone who had known my husband and understood. It was very important for me to find good homes for my husband’s clothes and things. Silvia did an excellent job of this, and that has made the cleaning out of things so much easier.

So, if you are looking for a non-judgmental, compassionate, hard-working Organizer, look no farther than Silvia Balderas. “

M.B. Silver Spring, MD

“Silvia came into my family’s lives at a difficult time of transition during my mother’s lengthy illness. Making our home organized and clutter-free was always one of my challenges and keeping up with our belongings was now really taking a back burner to more pressing demands. Silvia came in to assist us in going through and donating old clothes, books, and toys, and in general turning our bedrooms back into places of calm and comfort.

She began with my teenage son and daughter, who were not as attached to past memories through things as I was. They formed a remarkable team, with Silvia talking to them about their interests, guiding them in making choices to create their own living space, and getting rid for literally dozens of garbage bags of donations in the process. My children were so happy with their new spaces and two years later are still committed to not letting things pile up. Silvia then took on the task with me, the most reluctant organizer of all. As we sorted clothes I hadn’t worn in years, we also discussed the meaning of the things and memories we hold on to, as Silvia suggested new strategies for keeping, finding, and storing the items we regularly need.

Silvia worked with our summer break schedule and we broke the task up into manageable chunks of several hours per day over several weeks. It felt so good (and still does!) to know that organization is possible even for those challenged in that area. Silvia’s compassion, genuine interest in our family and our needs, and sensible, inexpensive storage ideas we were just the blend that we needed to tackle this situation and greatly improve our overall quality of life.”

L.R. Ellicott City, MD